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We created +Acumen to give people a meaningful way to ‘Add Acumen’ to their lives, and our online courses are a new way to do just that. With 7+ years of experience running our flagship Acumen Global Fellows Program, we saw an opportunity to use online tools to scale the impact of our traditional leadership development programs to equip more emerging leaders with the tools, knowledge, and networks to change the way the world tackles poverty. At Acumen, leadership begins with moral imagination: the humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be. Combined with operational skills and financial skills, our courses aim to equip emerging change leaders with the tools to change the way the world tackles poverty and build a world based on dignity.

Acumen’s Leadership Model

leadership-model-vennEach of our +Acumen courses fits under one of the three areas of Acumen’s Leadership Model.

Moral Imagination:

Operational Skills

Financial Skills:

We are constantly iterating our existing courses and designing new courses, so check back for updates or sign-up to our newsletter to be notified about new courses.

How Our Courses Work

The Best of Online & Offline Learning

for website +Acumen course correctedOur courses blend the best of online and offline learning by asking that you form a group to meet with to discuss course content weekly. We highly recommend you register with a group of your friends or colleagues to tackle challenges and learn together. If you’re registering on your own, instructions on how to find and form a group will be provided at the beginning of each course. We offer a Statement of Accomplishment for students who complete the requirements for each course. Many participants invest in building their leadership skills through multiple +Acumen courses. Involvement in +Acumen is taken into account for all those looking to get further involved in Acumen’s work investing in companies, leaders and ideas.

Community Stories

  • Melior Joseph and Ellen Feig

    St. Louise, Haiti and New York, US | "Human Centered Design for Social Innovation"

    The team  included Melior Joseph, a law student studying in St. Louise, Haiti and Ellen Feig, an assistant professor of English from Yonkers, New York.  Both individuals signed up for the course on their own. Neither could imagine how the course would unfold…

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  • Marica Rizzo

    Vancouver, Canada | "Storytelling for Change"

    After participating in the course, we made a deliberate decision to abandon our old presentation style and to fill our presentation with the stories of our experiences and lessons learned, while intertwining the key messages and metrics into the flow of the presentation. The result?

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  • Rhoda Omenya

    Kenya | "Acumen Essentials I: Intro to Moral Imagination and Challenges in Poverty Alleviation"

    Everlyn lived in Kibera, which was far from her new workplace, so she travelled far each morning to arrive for the morning shift. She had a chair, but it was broken and only had three legs, so she couldn’t sit comfortably…  

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  • Makoto Matsuura

    Osaka, Japan | "Making Sense of Social Impact: Acumen's Building Blocks for Impact Analysis"

    I joined this course thinking I already understood the framework for measuring social impact, but the course materials and the discussions with my course group really challenged my thinking. These examples pushed my group to think more critically about quantifying the ways our work in the field…

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