+Acumen Master Class: Al Pittampalli on Persuadable Leadership

As a leader, changing your mind has always been perceived as a weakness. Not anymore. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, successful leaders realize that a genuine willingness to change their own minds is the ultimate competitive advantage.  Today’s leaders need to be persuadable.

In this course, business consultant Al Pittampalli will draw on evidence from social science and cognitive psychology to show you how humility and radical open-mindedness can become powerful leadership assets.  You’ll learn why the traditional leadership paradigm that prioritizes confidence, consistency and conviction might no longer work in today’s fast-moving world.

Having worked for organizations ranging from NASA to Hertz to IBM, Al has hands-on experience coaching leaders to become more persuadable.  In this course, he’ll teach you about 3 clear advantages that persuadable leaders possess. Then he’ll walk you through 5 specific “power practices” that you can adopt in your own daily life and work to become a more agile, accurate and growth-minded leader. Finally, you’ll learn how persuadability is a critical element of social change.  He’ll share examples of how a willingness to change one’s mind has been an essential part of social movements ranging from gay marriage to civil rights to women’s rights to Indian independence.  Distilling cutting edge research, Al will give you actionable advice to become a more results-oriented leader who moves quickly to let the best ideas prevail.

About the Course Instructor

AL PITTAMPALLI is the author of two books that combine research and storytelling to help individuals and organizations adapt to a fast changing world. His latest, Persuadable: How Great Leaders Change Their Minds to Change the World was published by HarperBusiness in early 2016. His first book, Read This Before Our Next Meeting: The Modern Meeting Standard for Successful Organizations was the most popular Kindle book in the world during the week of its release and published by Seth Godin’s award winning imprint, The Domino Project (Powered by Amazon). Over 100K copies have been sold.

Al started his career as an IT consultant for Ernst & Young where he advised Fortune 500 organizations all over the country. This is where he first realized meeting mediocrity and ingrained stubbornness were epidemics. Now on his own, Al helps organizations like NASA, Hewlett Packard, and Abbot Labs, transform their organizational cultures. He graduated from Stern School of Business at NYU.

What Am I Going To Get From This Course?

This course consists of approximately 2 hours of video content containing actionable advice and perspective-changing insights from Al.  You’ll also get a series of Persuadability Toolkits containing exercises that enable you to put his ideas about open-minded leadership into action.  By completing this course you will be able to:

  • Understand why persuadability—or the willingness to change one’s mind in the face of evidence—is critical for modern leaders
  • Describe the 3 distinct advantages persuadable leaders possess
  • Apply 5 specific “power practices” to become more persuadable in your own work and life
  • Build tiny habits that lead you to be a more agile and accurate decision maker
  • Learn why persuadability can be a critical element of social change

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