Scaling Smart: Developing Repeatable Models® to Grow Your Impact

How can my company or organization create impact at scale?  This is a question increasingly asked by forward-thinking leaders in the social sector. Yet, while there is growing buzz around the need to scale solutions, there are limited frameworks or practical roadmaps to help social enterprises get there.  How do you identify your core strengths and build upon them strategically? How do you grow in diverse and hard-to-reach markets? How do you avoid racing forward in an unfocused, and ultimately self-defeating, way? How do you achieve “good scale” and steer clear of “bad scale”? Enter the “Repeatable Model®“.  The Repeatable Models® framework has been developed by Bain & Company based on its experience working with high-performing companies across a range of industries and countries for decades. This experience has helped Bain identify what is required for companies to sustain their success over time. In this course, we’ll show you how to apply this framework to the social sector to scale your work strategically across villages, regions and countries. Drawing from a report co-produced by Acumen and Bain called “Growing Prosperity: Developing Repeatable Models® to Scale,” this course will present practical advice and case studies from the founders and leaders of social ventures like One Acre Fund and Juhudi Kilimo who have successfully implemented repeatable models.  By the end of this 2 hour course, you’ll have completed a diagnostic tool for your own enterprise and developed a plan for how to continuously implement your core services as you expand.  You’ll walk away with a deep appreciation of the link between simple strategy and sustainable growth.

Repeatable Models and Great Repeatable Models are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc.

You'll Love This Course If:

You are looking to achieve positive change in the world and scale your approach across markets

  • You want to differentiate your social enterprise or organization
  • You have a great core model, but want to replicate it in new markets or with new products
  • You are curious about how social sector organizations can apply cutting edge business principles

Our Learning Partner:

In developing this course, Acumen is excited to partner with Bain & Company. A leading global business consulting firm, Bain & Company, serves clients on issues of strategy, operations, technology, organization and mergers and acquisitions. With 51 offices in 33 countries, Bain has worked with over 4,900 major multinational, private equity and other corporations across every economic sector. Bain & Company and Acumen co-authored a new report called “Growing Prosperity” which this course is based on. For more information visit:

What You'll Learn:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the 4 features of repeatable models® & identify them in well-known companies.
  • Map the “core” customers, geographies, and products of at least 3 companies.
  • Score or self-assess your team or company’s own core competencies.

How the Course Works

This is a +Acumen On Demand course that will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete.  The course materials will remain open and you can come back to it at any time.

There are no in-person teachers or facilitators for this course, but we will have technical and subject matter experts available to assist you online. You can take this course either in a group or on your own. The course will be offered through a third party learning platform called NovoEd.

Course content will consist of readings and discussions/activities. You can take this course with a group or individually.

Frequently Asked Questions


All +Acumen courses are offered for free.


This is a +Acumen On Demand course which means that it should only take 2 hours to complete.  The materials will remain open indefinitely so that you can access or come back to them at any time.


We will provide a Statement of Accomplishment for individuals who complete all requirements for this course. Instructions will be provided in the course overview page on the NovoEd platform.


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